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There’s no such thing as perfect parenting, but Parenting With Psychology online courses can help you build a set of parenting tools that can help you feel like an amazing parent ready to overcome the daily challenges you face as a parent.

Through my 5 C’s parenting program, I teach parents five guiding parenting principles and provide them with a set of parenting tools based on core psychology principles that have helped me feel confident throughout the process of parenting my four children.  I empower parents to know they can tackle any parenting situation using the skills they learn in my 5 C’s parenting program. ~Dr. Lindsay

You’ll learn specific actions to take and ways to communicate to help you better manage your daily parenting challenges, but what’s really unique about Parenting With Psychology is you’ll learn the fundamental psychology principles behind that coaching advice.  You’ll become equipped with the knowledge to thoughtfully tailor Dr. Lindsay’s tips to your unique parent-child dynamics and build your customized parent tool kit.  Imagine feeling like you have the tools needed to conquer any parenting dilemma and optimally foster your relationship with your child.  Now that is amazing parenting!

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Each age grouping below offers the following four resources…


Download the freebie with tips you can use today and learn what are the 5 C’s.



Sign up for the free 3-part bootcamp to hear about the 5 C’s and how they can help you become an amazing parent.

Plus, get 5 age-specific parenting tools you can start using today! There’s so much great content and no commitment in this free bootcamp.


Enroll in the masterclass on shaping your child’s behavior specific to your age group.

Dr. Lindsay loves teaching this introductory course before starting the full Parenting With Psychology course. In it, we’ll cover tools for shaping your child’s behavior - everything from your child’s sleep to their manner.  You’ll learn an essential parenting concept that is interwoven into each of the 5 C’s.  It’s a big topic with far-reaching applications to your parenting practice.


Enroll in the full course to fill your parenting tool-belt with psychology-based skills to become an amazing parent!


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To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.


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