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Add-on lesson on Social Media for $30

For a limited time, when you purchase this Masterclass: Screen Time, you’ll have the opportunity to add on Dr. Lindsay’s extra lesson on Social Media.  Whether you have a younger child who does not yet have social media or you’re well into the social media phase, you’ll want to hear these psychology-based tips for helping your child navigate this tricky landscape.  And parents, don’t forget that YouTube is a form of social media.  So if your child is watching YouTube, you should definitely know the risks that go along with that and learn how to keep your child safe on social media.

Masterclass: Screen Time

If you have concerns about your child’s digital media usage, don’t know how to manage screen time in your family, or just need practical advice on how to communicate with your children about digital content, this Masterclass is for you.  Continue your journey to becoming an amazing parent with this value-loaded Masterclass on screen time for children of all ages.  Imagine feeling confident about the protocol you set in place for your family’s screen usage and confident that your children will stick with the plan.  I can’t wait to guide you to screen time success.

What you'll get:

  • 5 value-loaded lessons teaching you key research-based facts about how screen time affects your child and how to use that information to guide your family’s use of digital media.
  • Practical tips on how to make your family’s screen usage fit best for your unique scheduling needs and how to stick to your family’s agreed-upon screen time protocol.
  • A supportive parenting coach and engaging online learning format that makes it easy and fun to learn psychology-based tools.
  • Downloadable worksheets and handouts to guide you through the 90-minute Masterclass.
  • The sense of ease that comes from knowing the facts about how screen time usage affects your children and how to establish screen time guidelines that work for your family.

What People Are Saying:

Dr. Lindsay's Parenting with Psychology Masterclass: Screen Time is a MUST for any parent. I had no idea how much I didn't know about the pros and cons of screen time for my two boys (ages 8 & 11). Taking this class answered so many questions for me, and I felt confident that those answers were backed by thorough research and an understanding of psychology from an expert and fellow mom! Dr. Lindsay does all of the work and provides you with the answers so you can feel good about setting appropriate boundaries while letting your kids have fun and enjoy modern technology. Thank you, Dr. Lindsay!!

Scotti L.

Screen time has been an ongoing challenge in our household, with our now 10-year-old, who would choose to be on her iPad all day if we allowed it. We sometimes had heated discussions when it was time to put the screen away, and this was something we needed to address and better manage as a family. Thankfully, I discovered Dr. Lindsay’s Screen Time Masterclass, and I am now fully equipped with the tools and skills I need to establish a formal approach to managing our daughter's screen time usage. In this Masterclass, I learned how to set appropriate boundaries while allowing our daughter to enjoy the right amount of digital media in a safe and interactive manner. In fact, my daughter and I had an open, well-received discussion about screen time usage just the other day, covering topics I learned from the Masterclass. This included the pros and cons of screen time, appropriate and inappropriate content, and how I, myself, should better utilize parental control features on certain apps/games, as well as reduce my own screen time usage. And she was 100% right! I, too, need to make thoughtful changes on my end to limit my own usage. Dr. Lindsay’s advice has empowered me to be more competent in making the right decisions for our child by incorporating just the right level of balance and moderation. She is very inspiring! I highly recommend Dr. Lindsay’s Screen Time Masterclass and any Masterclass she may offer, to all parents and caregivers with children of all ages. She’s truly the best!

Angela H.

Setting limits on our teenagers’ screen time became one of the biggest daily challenges for our family this year. You know the theory, but putting it into practice isn’t that easy without some intense negotiations. Taking Dr. Lindsay’s Masterclass gave me the confidence and all the necessary tools to set new healthy boundaries for my kids’ screen use. Learning about different protocols you can use and that can fit into your specific family lifestyle, is extremely helpful. Dr. Lindsay’s program helps to put good intentions into the right daily actions so we can better protect our kids (and ourselves!) in this wild digital world. I would definitely recommend this Screen Time Masterclass for parents with children of all ages… so much worth it!

Sonia B.