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Masterclass: Sleep Training

If your child is not sleeping through the night yet, and you are eager to find a solution, this Masterclass is for you.  Continue your journey to becoming an amazing parent with this value-loaded Masterclass on sleep training for infants and toddlers.  Imagine waking up on your own and feeling well-rested rather than startling awake when you hear your child’s cry.  This is my signature Masterclass for young children, and I can’t wait to guide you to sleep training success.

What you'll get:

  • 5 value-loaded lessons teaching you the rationale for my sleep training program so you can feel ready to commit to the plan.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to sleep-train your infant or toddler that are guaranteed to help you feel confident and capable about your sleep training plan.
  • A supportive parenting coach and engaging online learning format that makes it easy and fun to learn psychology-based tools.
  • Downloadable worksheets and handouts to guide you through the 75-minute Masterclass.
  • Relief from endless sleepless nights and the peace of mind that you are making a good choice for both you and your child.

What People Are Saying:

My wife and I were beyond needing to get a good night’s sleep again and feeling deflated about teaching our baby to sleep through the night. It was super difficult to have a full-time job on reduced hours of sleep, and it weighed heavily on us. With Dr. Lindsay’s tips in her Sleep Training Masterclass, we were given clear step-by-step instructions on implementing sleep training. We knew exactly what to expect during the sleep training process and saw results quickly. It was amazing having sleep training be a one-and-done experience, as our kids have slept through the night ever since!

Brently G.

I was fortunate enough to know Dr. Lindsay before I had a child. I saw how she would parent her young children with such grace and confidence, not looking frazzled or exhausted like so many of my other friends with little ones. I remember thinking, "That's the kind of mother I want to be." So when I had my daughter, and she wouldn't sleep even 2 consecutive hours at night, I reached out to Dr. Lindsay for help! I sent an SOS to her out of total exhaustion from following the advice in all the baby books. She responded with an easy-to-follow sleep training plan and such compassion for me as a new mother. Dr. Lindsay gave a number of invaluable tips that helped me survive those first few months, letting my baby and me make accommodations to what I thought was the “right” way for a baby to sleep and sneak in rest wherever we could while gradually working toward our goal of independent crib sleeping. I was so excited to hear that she made a Sleep Training Masterclass so other parents could learn her strategy too. Thank you, Dr. Lindsay!!

Sheryl P.

Parenting With Psychology is an incredible opportunity to tap into Dr. Lindsay’s wealth of mothering experience and psychology-based guidance. Since having my daughter, I have repeatedly sought Dr. Lindsay's advice. From the newborn to the toddler phase, spanning topics from potty training to sleep training, she always came through for me when I was desperate for help. I am forever grateful for her guidance. I will attend and read all that Dr. Lindsay offers and produces since her knowledge and support have never let me down!

Lindsey H.