Dining out with young children can be challenging.  There’s no magic cure to make this experience a home run, but you can use the 5 C’s to markedly improve your chances of an enjoyable experience.  Check out my post on How to Make Dining Out With Your Family Enjoyable, and be sure to snag my downloadable freebie.

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Here are some of the products our family has used to help keep the little ones entertained while dining out.  They don't take up much space in your purse or on the dinner table.



Wikki Stix

This fun toy nurtures creativity and dexterity. Try having them make glasses to wear to read the menu or a pet to dine along next to them.




Travel Coloring Book

Many family-friendly restaurants have crayons, but luck favors the prepared.  This handy case carries all the supplies needed to keep your kiddo entertained while dining out.  Or choose from a ton of other great coloring books on Amazon.




Water Wow!

With Water Wow! There’s no risk of mess, so even your youngest artists can draw to pass the time at a restaurant.





Scratch Art

Scratch Art is a little messy but fine for family-friendly restaurants. This note size fits into even the smallest purse. Pick a theme and pass one around to everyone at the table to see how each person interprets the theme.



Travel Size Etch A Sketch

This classic game is portable to help entertain kids on the go!




Uno is one of the best card games for young kids, and this teeny travel size makes it easy to bring along to restaurants to play a quick game while you wait for the food to arrive.



NOPE! Card Game

This is another fun one where the goal is to get the most cards and only requires a single discard pile so that it can be played in a small space.



Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids

Pass the time while you wait for the food to arrive with these fun riddles.



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