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Parenting is a journey filled with highs and lows, and navigating through the challenges can be tough, especially when we lack formal training.  Dr. Lindsay understands the importance of providing you and your child with the best possible experience.  Discover how the 5 C's can enhance your communication with your young child, establish consistency in your parenting approach and their daily routine, and effectively utilize age-appropriate consequences to guide their behavior.  Begin your parenting journey with the free resources provided below.


How To Make Dining Out With Your Children Enjoyable


Top Posts For Age 0 to 6 Months

Love, Balance & Problem Solving

Check out Dr. Lindsay's overarching parenting philosophy which later spawned into the 5 C's framework.

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Is Your Child's Room Conducive With Sleep?

Learn about bedroom essentials and what to avoid in decorating your child's room to set them up for sleep success.

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Keep Those Little Teeth Healthy

Check out this catchy tune to keep your little one happy during tooth brushing time.

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How Much "Screen Time" Does Mommy Get?

Learn about how Dr. Lindsay makes it a priority to stay off her phone when spending time with the little ones. 

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Are You An Amazing Parent? You May be Surprised to Find the Answer is Yes!

Learn what it takes to be an amazing parent. You may be surprised to find you already are one.

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How Does Family Dynamics Affect Child Development?

Learn how theories of human development can help parents approach their child's behavior in a more supportive and caring manner.

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