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Parenting is tough. There’s no doubt about it. On top of that, most of us have no formal training to guide us in this journey. Dr. Lindsay wants you and your child to have the best experience possible. Learn how the 5 C’s can help you communicate more effectively with your young child, develop consistency in your parenting approach and your child’s daily routine, and utilize age-appropriate consequences to help guide your child’s behavior. Get started with the free resources below.

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How To Make Dining Out With Your Children Enjoyable


Parenting With Psychology Bootcamp:

5 Steps to Amazing Parenting for ages 6 months to 5 years

Psychology-Based Tools for a Simpler Life and a Happier Family

This 3-Part Bootcamp will introduce you to Dr. Lindsay’s 5 C’s by showing you how they are woven into the How To Make Dining Out With Your Children Enjoyable downloadable freebie.  Then you’ll learn not just one new tool but a new psychology-based tool for each of the 5 C’s.  You’ll be loaded with valuable tools to start using right away with your child aged 6 months to 5 years after this free bootcamp!

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Master Your Child's Bedtime Routine

Bedtime routines make your daily life so much easier and your family so much happier.

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How to Make Your Parenting More Fun: Mr. Handy to the Rescue!

Make Mr. Handy a part of your family to sprinkle humor into otherwise tedious daily activities.

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Pack Those Snacks With Protein


Make sure to include this key ingredient in your child's snacks to keep everyone happy.

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 Keep Those Little Teeth Healthy


Check out this catchy tune to keep your little one happy during tooth brushing time.

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Using Operant Conditioning to Train Your Children to Have Good Manners

You'll love this psychology-based technique for teaching your child to have good manners.

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What's Your Family Mantra?


Start thinking about your family's mantra and how you can use it to guide good behavior every day.

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