When it comes to parenting gear, I like to think of myself as a practical minimalist.  I want to carry as little as possible and simplify my daily life as much as possible so I can focus on having fun with the family.  That said, there are some essential products to improve your early parenting experience.  You'll find the ones I treasured here.

Sleep is an especially important topic in early parenting.  If you’re a new parent craving a good night’s sleep, be sure to also check out my Treasures - Sleep Training page for a list of helpful products and to find all my posts focussing on getting you and your baby a good night's sleep.  Then be sure to take a peek at my Masterclass: Sleep Training to find out how to help your child learn to sleep through the night. 

Learn more about the Masterclass: Sleep Training

Baby K’tan

This is my ultimate favorite baby carrier that I used every day with all four of my children. I owned 2 of these styles in different colors to match different outfits, and so I would never be without it if one was in the wash. I also owned the Breeze style, which is the same design but in a lighter fabric for hot summer days. I have given them to countless friends as baby shower gifts. It is easy to swing over a shoulder or tuck over your purse when the baby is out of the carrier. It easily doubles as a nursing cover. You can use it for front carrying facing you, front carrying facing away from you, or side carrying as they get bigger. I cannot speak highly enough about this baby carrier!




This purse is ideal for use with the Baby K’tan. I would toss my purse around my neck and across my chest and then put on the K’tan. The flush strap fits easily under the baby carrier and is easily accessible by reaching around my right side. It’s a sturdy purse with just the right pockets to carry everything you need for your toddler.




Kelty Journey Backpack Carrier

I used the Baby K’Tan even on hikes, but my husband preferred to use a Kelty Child Carrier to take the kids hiking.






BOB Revolution Stroller

The BOB Stroller was a must during my Stroller Strides days. They’re an investment but absolutely worth every penny.






Double BOB Stroller

Double the kids; double the jogging capabilities.






Bubble Bum Travel Booster Seat

When it comes to traveling with kids, the more you can minimize your gear, the better. That’s why we loved these inflatable booster seats. I’d also keep a couple in the back of my car for when we picked friends up from school for playdates.


Nursing Shirts

I wore mainly Glamourmom nursing bra long tops when nursing my babies. They are comfortable, flattering, and have easy access. There are so many more amazing nursing top options available now; you can check out a selection here.




Nursing Pads

I tried a lot of different disposable and reusable nursing pads during the course of breastfeeding four children, and these were my ultimate favorite.




Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium Citrate Supplement

For dehydrated nursing moms and for postpartum moms in that tender recovery period, these gummies are amazing for keeping you regular.



Postpartum Belly Band

It’s a great idea to have one of these ready for after your first delivery, and I found them to be especially helpful after future deliveries when your body may take a little longer to adjust postpartum.





Teething Necklace

The more you can avoid carrying, the smaller your purse can be. That’s one reason I loved wearing a teething necklace like this.




Flap Happy Hats

We love, love, love these hats for infants and children. We had one in every size for both genders and wore them all the time. Limiting early sun exposure is beneficial for long-term health. These cover your face, ears, and neck; they’re also comfortable and easy to wash. And they come in such fun styles! Train your kids early to wear hats any time you’re at the park, an outdoor restaurant, the beach, etc.




High Chair

This high chair is amazing! We traveled with it but also used it as our primary high chair. No legs to trip over, easy to wipe down, removable and washable fabric over - amazing! And your baby is right at the table with you - not separated off in their own area.




Fitting right in with my theme of keeping it simple, these bibs are easy on and easy off, can be scrubbed under the faucet and hung to dry, and come in adorable patterns. You’ve got to love that!




Sippy Cups

My sippy cup criteria were 1) easy to learn to use to start supplementing with water early, 2) few parts to clean, and 3) BPA-free. These are a home run!




Super Sturdy Glasses

When the kids got a little older and graduated from plastic, wanting to use glass like the grown-ups, I found these stackable glasses that are amazingly sturdy. I actually dropped two from a shelf about 18 inches off the ground recently, and thankfully, they both survived!


Bagel Slicer

I’m all for anything that helps kids become helpful in the kitchen sooner. Bagels are an easy thing for them to start prepping for their own breakfasts, but they are a little tricky to cut. I love having a bagel slicer to keep little fingers safe.



Bath Chair

We tried a number of different bath chairs. They are needed for a short phase. I suggest keeping it as simple as possible.





Electric Toothbrush

Our dentist recommends an electric toothbrush, and I think it’s very helpful for brushing the kids’ teeth.




Dental Flossers

It is SO much easier to floss your kiddo’s little mouth with these kids’ flossers than to try to wrap traditional floss around your fingers and fit them in that small face. You’re going to be helping them floss for a good decade or more, so simplify the process as much as possible.


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