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Enroll in one of Dr. Lindsay's signature Masterclasses below.  These solution-focused classes will give you actionable strategies to help you manage your trickiest parenting challenges.  They are packed full of essential psychology-based parenting tools in a very manageable 70-90 minute class.  Stay tuned for more Parenting With Psychology Masterclasses coming soon. 

Masterclass: Sleep Training

For ages 6 months to 5 years

Learn my step-by-step approach to sleep training infants and toddlers.  You'll learn the rationale behind my sleep training program so you can feel prepared and committed to the protocol for sleep training success.

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Masterclass: Screen Time

For ages 6 months to 18 years

Get the peace of mind that comes with understanding how screen time affects children and teens and how to get control over your family's screen time schedule to keep screens from dominating your child's life.

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About Your Parenting Coach/Mentor

Hi, I'm Dr. Lindsay Emmerson!

I’ve had patients call me Dr. Emmerson and college students call me Professor Emmerson but really, I just go by Lindsay or Mom. Through that role came the opportunity to combine my love of psychology and knowledge of fundamental psychology principles with my role as a parent. I found that I was using my knowledge of psychology every day with my own children. Now helping parents, grandparents, and caregivers as a Parenting Coach, my clients call me Dr. Lindsay. I help them achieve the same success I have in my parenting role by teaching basic psychology principles that have practical applications in their parent-child relationship every single day.