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What Are The Best Parenting Tips Of 2023?

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Happy holidays, amazing parents!  This is a busy holiday week for many of you, and the focus for us all should be on spending time with the ones we love.  So, we will keep this week’s episode short and sweet, but I wanted to offer you a holiday gift.  In case you missed any of Parenting With Psychology in 2023, I’m going to share with you three of my favorite tips.  Perhaps you’ll have a little free time in the coming week with the hustle and bustle of the holidays coming to a close, and you can set aside 15 minutes a day for three days to learn essential parenting tips to guide you into an amazing 2024.


First, if you have a child who a) doesn’t listen when you ask them to do something, b) refuses to do what you ask, or c) says they’ll do something but doesn’t follow through, you’re going to want to listen to my post titled 3, 2, Thank You!.  My 3, 2, Thank You! technique is a one-stop shop for gentle discipline.  It’s all you’ll ever need to establish yourself as the loving authority figure in your family and raise kids who both respect your words and learn to make good choices.  It’s an absolute must-read for a happier 2024.


Second, responding to problematic behavior is one thing, but what if you could get ahead of it by sharing with your children your core family values and encouraging them to use them every day?  That’s where a family mantra comes in.  In my post titled, What’s Your Family Mantra?, I’ll walk you through the process of customizing a family mantra for your unique family.  Train your kids to use your family mantra daily, and it will become instilled in your family routine.  You can remind them of your family mantra before events to promote better behavior and use it to stop bad behavior in its tracks.  Let’s connect on social media; I’d love to hear what family mantra your family uses!


Third, set your kids up for success by learning my 10 Tips for Raising Great Sleepers.  Kids who are well-rested are primed for better behavior each day.  Parents of kids who are well-rested benefit from fewer dips in mood, fewer irritable outbursts, and markedly more consistently good behavior throughout the day.  In this post, you’ll learn ten tips that kids of all ages can benefit from for a better night’s sleep.  Set yourself up for a simpler 2024 with these tips.


Let’s get back to enjoying the holidays with our families, but first, be sure to note three days in the coming week when you will check out three of the best Parenting With Psychology tips from 2023 to ring in a simpler and happier 2024.


If you love learning psychology-based tips to help you feel more competent and confident in your parenting, let’s get intentional about your parenting together in 2024.  Sign up for one of my free bootcamps to learn more about the 5 C’s to amazing parenting!

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