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When Will My Child Be Ready For Harry Potter? 5 years - 11 years 6 months - 5 years choices & checkpoints milestones screen time Jul 13, 2023

A dear friend once asked me for advice on what age group is ready to read/watch Harry Potter, as I love giving parental advice and have read/seen all the Harry Potter stories.  For some quick...

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How Much "Screen Time" Does Mommy Get? 11 years - 18 years 5 years - 11 years 6 months - 5 years birth - 6 months communication relationships routines screen time Jun 22, 2023

 Today, I have a quick story for you related to the concept of managing your time and preserving as much of it for your little kiddos as possible.  A friend recently asked me how I can...

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Amazing parenting is not about always saying
and doing the right thing and raising perfect children.  It’s about becoming intentional in your parenting and proactive in learning skills to help you parent more effectively in a way that fits best for your unique parent-child dynamics.

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